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Are you seeing one of the following errors with your upload?


“Double-check that your file doesn't contain a scanned or photographed image of your paper ticket and try again.”

“We had a problem reading that file. Please try again.”

“The file you are attempting to upload exceeds 5MB…”


Here are the most helpful troubleshooting steps:


  1. Clear your cache and cookies (temporary internet files), then close all open browser windows. Open a new browser window, and attempt the upload again. Note: Google Chrome and Safari are both optimized for our site.
  2. Verify that the size of the ticket file is 5MB or less. If not, we recommend using a file compressor to reduce the size without editing the file itself.
  3. Verify that the file is a PDF, JPG/JPEG, or PNG (other formats are not accepted in our upload tool).
  4. Try uploading the file from a different technology type/access method. For example, if you are seeing the error when uploading on a mobile device, try doing the upload/listing from a regular computer browser instead.
  5. Check if you have the option to click “I’ll upload later”, as this will allow you to get the listing active and then upload through your “Sales” portal if the ticket is sold.


If the error is “This file's permission does not allow us to validate it. Please try uploading a valid file.” we recommend trying the following steps:


  1. Locate the PDF file saved on your computer
  2. Drag and drop the file to a Google Chrome browser window
  3. Hit Ctrl + P, or right-click and select “Print”
  4. Next to “Printer Destination”, select “Change”
  5. Choose “Save as PDF”
  6. Save your file (the new file will be in an unlocked status)

"This event is happening soon. You'll need to upload your tickets now." or "It looks like the event name for the tickets you uploaded doesn't match the event name for the listing. Please review your listing before posting it." - To resolve this, please ensure that you have entered the row and seat numbers on the upload page. You can click "Confirm" on the error to be taken back to the page, and we recommend using "GA1", "GA2" etc if the event/section is general admission only. 


Worried because you only want to list/sell some of the tickets you bought, but they are all on one PDF file? The great news is that our PDF splitter (built into the listing process) will let you select only the ticket(s) you want to sell, and then remove the other pages entirely. Once the listing is created, you can confirm what tickets are available in our system by clicking (below the listing in your profile) to the "See actions" drop-down and click "View Tickets".


Upload still not working? Please reply to this topic or private message any Community Moderator so we can help further.

StubHub Alumni (Retired)

Re: Uploading pdf of tickets

Hey @RT1974, I've merged your post here since it covers this same subject. Are you possibly needing to enter page numbers or place holders on the prior page? If you're still having trouble after checking the items in the accepted solution above, please private message me with the email and zip code on your profile. 

New User

Re: PDF/File Upload Errors and Issues

This is literally the only thing that worked. THANK YOU

Zamboni Driver

Re: PDF/File Upload Errors and Issues

Hi like everyone else I'm getting an error saying "There was a problem, please try again". Please help. It should not be this hard to upload tickets to events. 


Re: PDF/File Upload Errors and Issues

For assistance, please feel free to private message me, and I'll be happy to help @IsabelleTobey


Re: PDF/File Upload Errors and Issues

I sold some tickets for an event but whenever I try to upload them I get the following message:


"We had a problem reading that file. Please try again."


The event is in two days so I would need to upload these ASAP.