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Parking ticket for Cubs gane

I have two issues.


I purchased tickets for a Chicago Cubs baseball game on May 18. I plan on attending that. I also purchased a parking pass for that same game that I no longer need and I would like to resell that pass. Stubhub tells me that I can move my pass to my new account if I download the pass from my guest accont and upload it to my new account. How do I do that if the pass won't be sent to my until the day of the game??? I just want to move the game ticket and the parking account into my personal account.


I would like to resell the parking pass on Stubhub, however, it keeps asking me for the barcode. I don't have a barcode!!! I just want to try to resell the pass. Stubhub also says to resell the pass in the Parking Passes Only section. Where is that???

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