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Postponed event

Okay so I “sold” tix on here because the event date was right when I was due with my baby even tho I realllllly wanted to go, but now the event got postponed and I am able to go do I don’t want to sell my tix anymore… is there a way to get out of selling them? I haven’t received money yet and I will be getting the new tix emailed to me anyways but I saw that I would somehow owe the person that bought mine? Can’t they just get their money back (that I never got)…. I’ve been on hold over an hour and can’t get ahold of anybody at stub hub

Re: Postponed event

When you sell your tickets on Stubhub you are obligated to deliver the tickets to the buyer.  You may not have been paid yet but the buyer has already paid Stubhub and is expecting the tickets.  If you do not complete the sale you will be charged a 100% penalty.


Re: Postponed event

Hello. Unfortunately you are out of luck. When you sold your tickets you entered into an agreement to deliver the tickets by the date you indicated. You also agreed to be paid 5 to 8 business days after the event. You further agreed to be penalized if you do not deliver the tickets.
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