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Seller Protection

Hi, I have just sold and delivered PDF tickets for a concert and I am aware that I won't get paid until after the concert has happened in case there was anything wrong with the tickets.


I just wanted to ask, what protection is there for the sellers in the case of a buyer using the tickets then claiming that they didn't work? Is there anything that a seller can do in advance to ensure that any such claims by a buyer are legitimate? 


I will be attending the same concert as the tickets I sold were duplicates after I got more as a gift, is there anything I can do to check that the buyer of my tickets did in fact use them?


I'm probably just being paranoid, but I have read other people complaining about this happening and I am a little put off by the buyer name showing up as just a random string of numbers and letters (not sure if this is normal or if there should be a proper name).


Re: Seller Protection

You will actually get paid, 72 hours (give or take) after delivery.


Now, if they contact you with issues regarding your tickets, you need  to get  a scan report. Not always the the easiest thing to do..but can be done.


Dont say, you sold them on Stubhub. 


But this will prove if they were scanned at all and only once.








Re: Seller Protection

What reason would you give when asking for a scan report? Not sure what else to say without mentioning having sold tickets on stubhub?


Re: Seller Protection

You're not paranoid.  I am a top seller on stubhub and ran into an issue with NFL tickets last year.  People were buying the PDF tickets and then claimed they didn't work even though the tickets were legit.  They investigated which means they send you an email stating that you need to basically prove that you're innocent.  They want you to go to the box office and get a scan report to see if the tickets were scanned. but because ticketmaster is competition they ask you to not tell the box office you are asking for stubhub.


Re: Seller Protection

Tell them you gave them to a friend, coworker, relative and you talked to Ticketmaster and in order for them to start a claim on your behalf, you need to provide them with a scan report. It doesn't always work but I can pretty much guarantee you tell them the tickets were sold on StubHub and they will no longer help you.