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Selling Coachella Tickets

I am looking to sell my Coachella tickets. At this moment all I have is the email confirmation along with the order ID. If I am to sell them on StubHub, how do I go about doing so? Do I list them and then when someone buys them I wait for the wristbands to be sent to me and then I send them to the buyer? Or is there an easier way? 


Thanks so much!


Re: Selling Coachella Tickets

Hi @adamania 


You can list the tickets now with an in hand date as far out as Stubhub will allow.  List them as hard tickets.  When the sell you will be given a mailing label to send the wristband to your buyer.  I recommend dropping off the envelope at a UPS center and getting a receipt rather than depositing in a UPS drop off box.

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