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Selling Mobile QR tickets I don't have in possession yet

I recently bought tickets for a May 18th show and the ticket type is the Mobile QR Code. I don't have them in my possession yet and the delivery time can be as late as 24 hours before the event. I can I sell them even though they are not in my possession? What are the risks? Has anyone done this before and been successful? How common is this and do you know if the sellers are known to give the tickets earlier?


Re: Selling Mobile QR tickets I don't have in possession yet

Hi @TO! You can get those tickets listed now as long as you set your In Hand Date to reflect when you will have them available to deliver.  This will give the buyer proper expectations on delivery.  For events with delivery delays like 24 hours prior, our events team will make allowances in the system to make sure both the buyer knows when they will get the tickets as well as ensure you have plenty of time to complete the sale.  We have a lot of sellers that list tickets this way without any issues!


We do often see sellers fulfilling orders before the In Hand Date if possible since payment is not triggered until we get that delivery confirmed!