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I had tickets listed that sold but I couldn’t receive them to send to the new buyer. I cancelled the sale and now being charged. I was never paid from the initial purchase from the new buyer. Should I call and dispute this charge or will it work it’s self out?

Re: Selling

Thank you so much for reaching out on this and I'm sorry to hear that you had issues with your sale. In general, we have penalties in place that are charged if a seller isn't able to deliver tickets as we have to be certain sellers are only listing tickets that they have rights to or are in their possession. In other words, guaranteed tickets that they will be able to deliver. If they aren't able to deliver it creates an extremely negative experience for our fans and is a negative reflection of StubHub overall. So to avoid these situations, we have those penalties in place to protect our buyers. The charge you're seeing is likely the penalty for not delivering the tickets promised in your listing. If you have any further questions or would like to talk about it directly, send me or any of the other moderators a private message. We'd be happy to go over the details with you.