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StubHub Email Alerts to Update Listings

Every day for about 2 months I have received the following email from StubHub Alerts: "Heads Up: Your NFL Listings on StubHub Need to be Updated." The email is tells me that I do not have row and seat information on my listings even though I do. At some point I spoke to a customer service rep who informed me the message was because I had my seats piggy back listed and they were looking into the problem, however nothing has been done and the messages continue. Below is just one page of the emails for reference. Has anyone experienced this problem? Also, it appears StubHub will be requiring bar codes to be entered for each ticket, even though I have row and seat listed. Will I really need to go enter bar codes for every ticket I have for sale once I get them in the mail?

Thank you.



Re: StubHub Email Alerts to Update Listings

So sorry for the trouble there! That's definitely not what we like to see. I'd be happy to look into that with you. I'll send you a private message right now and we can go over the details together to see what's going on.