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Stubhub is a scam

I bought tickets yesterday, and now I cant go. Ive been trying to re-sell my tickets today, but the site is not allowing me to complete all the necessary fields. 


I called customer service, and the agent said he sent a note to "reset the website" and to call back in 30 minutes. 

He explained that the website is glitching and that they have to reset the entire website. Didnt ask for my account, didnt ask for my name, didnt ask for my ticket barcodes. Said they've been having a problem since yesterday - but I guess NOW they are going to reset the entire website becaise of my call. And then he hung up on me. 

I expected to lose a few bucks on the tickets, but did not expect to have to ust eat the whole thing. 

Customer service is a joke. 

Case #2230489

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