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StubHub Suggestions and Feedback

We love hearing from our fans and are always looking for ways to better our site for everyone.  Please feel free to share your suggestions or feedback for the StubHub site in this thread!

Team Mascot

Re: StubHub Suggestions and Feedback

This is feedback regarding the user experience of selling a ticket. About a month ago, I bought two tickets for a SZA concert. A couple of weeks later I decided that I was going to sell one of them. It sold really quickly, and it showed up in my completed sales.... but the duplicate remained in my active tickets. I thought it was just a glitch or that it hadn't updated in real time to reflect the sale since it was made through Paypal. 


When I went to print my tickets for the show tonight, I saw that the duplicate was still in my active tickets! I thought there had been a mistake and maybe I hadn't sold the ticket after all. I invited my boyfriend to come with me because I wasn't about to waste a ticket. But, I made sure to compare the printable ticket PDFs and it turns out that the duplicate in my active tickets shared the same bar code as the ticket in my sales tab. (Confused? Lol me too.) I Livechatted with a StubHub representative and they confirmed that it is in fact how the user experience is built. SO glad I checked the discrepancy, or my boyfriend would've been turned away at the door.

In conclusion.... not the best experience. Why have separate tabs for sold ticket and current tickets if you are just going to duplicate the content? I feel like when you sell a ticket, it should move from your active ticket to your sold tickets. That's just common sense. Otherwise, it's really ambiguous for a seller and there's a lot of room for unintentional ticket fraud to happen at the venue. 


Re: StubHub Suggestions and Feedback

We all know that some teams/venues are VERY vindictive if they find out you've resold your tickets, for example the New England Patriots will permanently revoke your season tickets if they find they've been resold. Therefore sometimes it's not in our best interest to include enough info in our listings - i.e. exact Section/Row/Seat #'s - to where teams can positively identify them.


Keeping that in mind, when listing PDF's for Instant Download Stubhub currently gives us two options:
A. List them with full exact identifing info, i.e. exact Section/Row/Seat #'s, OR
B. List them with exact Section/Row but instead of putting in the exact Seat #'s you instead put in GA1, GA2 etc


Unfortunately there's a problem with that second option. Some potential buyers are confused when they see GA1, GA2 etc and think, "Oh hell, those are some kind of wacky General Admission tickets where I won't even have an assigned seat, I don't want to buy those!!!" I can't count the number of times I've seen seats clearly inferior to mine sell faster and for more money, and the only logical explanation is my listing had GA1, GA2 etc while the others included the actual Seat #'s.


A simple solution is to give us the option to leave the Seat #'s totally blank when listing tickets for Instant Download, we're already allowed to do this when choosing Electronic Delivery as a delivery option so why not for Instant Download?


Re: StubHub Suggestions and Feedback

In some venues seat numbers matter a lot.  This is especially true where, for example, Row A seat 15 is the best seat in the house, but Row A Seats 1 and 30 are so far out to the edge of the stage as to be crummy relative to seats farther back in the venue.


I understand a lot of people don't want to identify their seat number either because the venue will revoke a PSL or other right or, in some cases, because a seller may not have the seat number yet.


But, it's still worthwhile to allow a buyer to see which tickets identify their seat numbers, so I propose adding a filter so that one can view only listings with seat numbers, rather than having to click each individual listing looking for seat numbers.



New User

Re: StubHub Suggestions and Feedback

I suggest you bring back the recently sold listings for a certain event for people to be able to price their tickets that they have that don't meet the minimum requirements. I think it's crazy that feature was removed considering the amount of commission that you're making on the sales/purchases.


Re: StubHub Suggestions and Feedback



I do a pretty good amount of selling as a broker. I'm not one of the million dollar guys but I sell quite a bit. I sell primarily through StubHub and Vivid. I think everything about StubHub is superior to Vivid and MUCH prefer you guys. There is one glaring prolem though when it comes to StubHub where Vivid has you beat. StubHub is frequently very slow to list events. Even then, maps are often incorrect and I can't list my tickets accurately. Examples just from this week are the Luke Bryan Toronto show (listed incorrectly for the entire presale) the Evanescense Toronto show (the presale started four days ago,the onsale was yesterday...the map is STILL incorrect) and The Brian Jonestown Massacre Toronto show (has been mapped incorrectly for at least two weeks now. I've called twice and it still isn't fixed). Meanwhile, Vivid has had these shows listed and mapped correctly since the presales for all of these shows.


The presale and onsale seem to be the primary purchasing times for fans as they're excited about their favourite band coming to town. I can only imagine how many fans run to StubHub to get the tickets they want only to find they can't purchase them and turn elsewhere. I work online with a community of brokers and they all say the same thing- "Why isn't StubHub getting their maps up in a timely, accurate manner?"


At the end of the day, this has to be costing us both money.


I (and a lot of other ticket resellers) hope you guys can address this because overall, you guys run a much better service. 


Kind Regards,


Mike- Toronto

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Re: StubHub Suggestions and Feedback

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. That is definitely something we're currently working on and trying to find ways to improve. We will certainly be sharing this feedback and all other feedback as we continue to try and find ways for our site and your buying and selling experience to improve. 

New User

Event page for viewing

Not user friendly. The viewing page only displays 10 events at a time, then needs to click on " show more events " at the bottom of the page each time. When click on it, it jumps back up to the top of the page.


Re: Event page for viewing

We absolutely appreciate your feedback!  We do use everything we receive to work on making things as user-friendly as we can.  Our absolute apologies again for the delay in the event not being on site as of yet.  We are currently escalating this to see what information we can find out or see where in the process the event request is at.  


Seat Map / Best Value Issue

Long story short Stubhub deleted an entire section from the Washington Nationals map then when they put it back online I think all of the historical pricing data was lost (which is how they figure out "best seats" and "best value") and now it is being very, very mischaracterized.  The section number is weird and even though it's maybe the best seats in the stadium it is being characterized by the software as the worst.  Any way to get this fixed quickly?  And to speak with someone because it's quite complicated because makes sense when you are looking at the map.