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StubHub Alumni (Retired)

Coronavirus Update

Updated March 30, 2020


Dear StubHub community - 

The last few weeks have transformed all of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. I wanted to take a moment to share some of the actions we’ve taken as a company in support of our customers, our partners and employees. We’ve spent 20 years bringing the joy of live to buyers and sellers worldwide; we are now doing our best to navigate an unprecedented situation for all. Our commitment is to continue to communicate with you regularly on the actions we are taking during this very difficult period, until the live event industry can resume as normal. Thank you for the patience and trust you have shown so far.

Our updated buyer and seller policies

In the US alone, more than 23,000 events have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled in the past three weeks and we expect to see many more. Effectively overnight, the live event industry has come to a standstill – for fans, sellers, teams, leagues, artists, venues, and other supporting businesses.  

We’ve worked hard to create a platform that serves both buyers and sellers as a trusted marketplace. As a convenience to buyers, acting as an intermediary, we’ve historically made the decision to refund them for canceled events before collecting money from the sellers. We’ve also historically offered sellers more convenience by paying them for ticket sales on our platform before events actually happen. Under normal circumstances, these processes are manageable. 

Given the impact of the coronavirus, it is not possible to sustain this practice in the near-term. We are facing significant timing delays in recouping funds from the thousands of sellers on our platform, and expect these challenges to continue in the coming months. At the same time, buyers expect immediate refunds. As a result, we’ve enacted new policies in the US and Canada that we believe are clear and fan-first.

Buyer policies

We understand fans are disappointed and concerned by these large-scale event cancellations. We were the first in our industry to begin offering customers 120% credit for the canceled purchases as a thank you for remaining patient in a very challenging period. In the first two weeks of offering this option, approximately 70% of customers opted to receive this additional future value. Recently, we announced this as our standard policy for canceled events, with refunds available in jurisdictions where they are required. Coupons can be applied to one or multiple StubHub orders in the same currency. If your order is less than your coupon value, you can use the remainder on another event.  

Seller policies

Meanwhile, sellers on our platform also face challenges. Music and sports fans, season ticket holders, and business sellers are unclear if teams and primary ticketing companies are providing credits or refunds for the tickets they had previously bought and subsequently sold on StubHub. We are working with the thousands of sellers across our platform to understand options and timing for repayment to us for tickets of canceled events. We’ve also updated our seller policies going forward to manage future risk.

Beyond our customer community, we are doing our best to keep our employees safe and manage business operations. Our first priority has been to make sure our employees are in a safe environment, with work-from-home enacted early and quickly across our multiple locations. We have also moved quickly to manage our business operations and spend in response to COVID-19. Despite these changes, our teams are continuing to serve our buyers and sellers, uninterrupted, and I’m extremely proud of their dedication and resilience.  

As a leader in our industry for over 20 years, StubHub is committed to helping those in our industry most affected by the Coronavirus. We are happy to be able to use our previously allocated StubHub Foundation funds to provide assistance of up to $125,000 to non-profit partners, including Sweet ReliefMusiCares, and Broadway Cares, which are helping impacted workers in our industries.

We are so grateful to our community and hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We will continue to serve you as our customers and partners – today and in the future – and look forward to all being able to come together again and experience the joy of live entertainment when the time is right.




Sukhinder - handwritten name.jpg

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
President of StubHub



Buyer FAQs

Coupon for canceled events
How can I use my coupon?
We will give you a coupon worth 120% of your original order. It will be available in your account immediately after StubHub announces the cancellation (see list of major canceled events here). You can apply this coupon to one or multiple StubHub orders in the same currency within the next 12 months. Simply select the coupon at checkout when you place an order. 
Can I use my StubHub coupon for an event in another country?
You can use your coupon for events in the same currency it was issued in. It isn't valid for events in a different currency. 
Can I get a coupon if I decide not to go to an event due to the Coronavirus?
If the event is not canceled, unfortunately we cannot give you a coupon or refund. If you do not want to go to an event, you can easily resell your ticket on StubHub.
If the event is not canceled but the team, venue, or ticket company is offering refunds, can I get a coupon?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you a coupon or refund if the event is not canceled. You can easily resell your ticket on StubHub if you do not want to go to an event.
What if a sporting event is not canceled but it is played without spectators? 

If an event is played without public, the tickets will be canceled by the event organizer and StubHub will treat this event as a canceled event.


Events and travel
What are my other options if I don’t go to an event due to the Coronavirus?
What if I have tickets to multiple canceled events?
We will email you about each event that is canceled, and will add a coupon to your account for each order that is canceled.
Will StubHub reimburse my travel expenses?
StubHub will not reimburse you for travel expenses. However, many airlines, car rental companies, and hotels are helping customers due to the Coronavirus. Contact your travel company for more info.
What is the difference between a canceled and a postponed/rescheduled event?
When events are officially postponed or rescheduled, they still happen but on a different day than originally planned.
If the event is postponed to a future, undetermined date, we will email you as soon as the details are announced.

A canceled event is not rescheduled and doesn't happen.

Seller FAQs

What if I sold tickets for a canceled event?
If you were paid for the tickets, we will charge your credit card on file to reverse the transaction. Contact the original ticket company for a ticket refund.
What if I sold tickets to an event postponed due to the Coronavirus? 
You don’t need to do anything. The original ticket company will contact us with event details. We’ll then email the buyer. They can either attend the event or resell the ticket.
Why did the payment terms for sellers change from 5-8 days after tickets are delivered to 5-8 days after the event?
Our user agreement accounts for unusual circumstances such as the one we are currently facing (with the Coronavirus). The agreement provides that in certain cases, sellers will receive payment after the event has taken place.
Given the number of event cancelations resulting from the Coronavirus, we are working together with our sellers and buyers to provide solutions for our community. At this time we will be holding final payouts to sellers until after the event to protect sellers from the frustration of last-minute cancelations and refunds to StubHub.