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Madison Square Garden Seat Map

Please see the map and information below. The "Gallery" is a separate 2 row Section at the Garden. My seats are getting buried on your list and they appear with seats that are 20+ Rows above mine.

I've been asking for this for 2 years since you incorrectly eliminated the Gallery seats from your MSG map.


• Link to the event on

• Link to the event from the primary ticket provider (other secondary marketplaces will not be accepted)
• What is wrong (date/time, venue, rescheduled/postponed, etc.)

At the bottom of the 200 Sections at MSG, there are two rows #s 1 and 2 that are "Gallery Seats". These two rows offer more leg room and a better view. As long as I have sold my seats which are Section 225, Rows 1 and 2, seats 12-15, these Gallery seats have been clearly shown as subsections in the 200 Sections. Your map now combines these Gallery Sections within the full Section 225. Thus, since they are higher priced seats, they go to the bottoom of the tickets listed to the left of the map on your page. This makes them less easy to make clear that they are closer and have more room. 

It is unclear to me why you have change the map arrangement. Please revert to the way it has been shown in the past, for years.



The circled are designates where the Gallery Sections are. They should appear just like the Handicap Section at the bottom of Section 222


Please Note "GALLERY SEC 225"

Please fix this.

Please note "Gallery SEC 225"Please note "Gallery SEC 225"
Please let me know when you have change it back, thanks you!

Kirk Schubert

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