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Refund for cancelled event due to COVID

I bought tickets to Jersey boys back in March and given a credit to use on stub hub. is it possibe to get a refund to my CC as the event was cancelled to a global pandemic and I have absolutely no desire to be anywhere near a convert venue in the for...

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Hello StubHub:I have 2 tickets to the Martin Lawrence LIT AF concert. The concert was to be held at the TOYOTA CENTER in Houston on May 2, 2020. The concert is in POSTPONED status due to obvious reasons. There is a reschedule date of NOV 2021. A YEAR...

Coachella event status

Coachella 2020 is cancelled. I brought shuttle tickets through Stub Hub. On 'My Orders' it's still stating that the event is active so I can't get my refund. Please can you explain this when the event was cancelled a long time ago.

Roger Waters Tour

Has anyone heard an update on the Roger Waters Tour? Been months since it was postponed and I paid alot for a ticket and would like to know the status of this. Please advise if you know anything. Thank you!

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