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help selling 1 ticket

I bought 2 tickets to an event coming up soom. My friend can't go. I want to sell 1 ticket but when i try to list the tickets i bought from stubhub on stubhub it only gives me the option to list both. my order says they are mobile tickets but I don't...

Buyer has not accepted ticket

What should I do if the buyer does not accept the ticket I transferred a few days ago? I sent it from a different platform and it's still showing that the buyer has not accepted when I log into my account. I used the email provided by StubHub. I am s...

  • 5 Replies

Map Errors on Site

If you notice a map is incorrect on our site, please post on this board and include the: - Event Name - Event Date - Link to the event on our site - A link to a correct map (if you have one) We will report all issues to our Mapping team but due to th...

Why Don't I See My Listings?

My tickets are showing as listed in my account, but when I search for tickets for this event on StubHub, I don't see my own listing. My price is lower than the ones I do see, so I'm not sure why they would be filtered out. I don't know if I should tr...

  • 9 Replies
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