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Pending listing for season ticket

I am trying to sell my season tickets for a baseball game event this weekend and accesses StubHub through my ticket portal and of the 3 games, only one went to active status, the other 2 were in pending status and didn't notice until 2 of the games w...

Mobile tickets

I am attempting to sell mobile tickets online, I received an email from stub hub saying my tickets have been sold. In the email it said it would provide me with the buyers email so I can transfer the tickets. I still have yet to receive that info so ...

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Never received tickets

So, the event had come and gone. I never received my "mobile transfer". I sat on hold for StubHub for 1:34 with no response. I was sitting outside of the event!! I was forced to buy a whole new set of four tickets. They came right away via mobile tra...

Request to delete my account

I need help with deleting my account but I can't find any information on how to do it online. I also tried calling in by wait times are insane right now. Can anyone help please?

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