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Ariana: Will the tickets really show up?

I'm a newbie. I bought 3 fairly expensive tickets for an Ariana Grande concert on 12/17. StubHub says tickets will be released 12/15. But I am told that the tickets I thought I bought weren't even on sale until two days =after= I bought them!! How do...

Incorrect Map/Event Info on Site

Are you aware of a recent seating, date/time, or venue changes with one of our events? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details (like a rescheduled show) we have on-site versus the primary? With such a large marketplace, we truly appreciate our ...

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Groupon G-Pass Tickets

How do I sell Groupon G-Pass tickets. There isn’t a transfer option on the ticket. It has a QR code on the ticket. Do I scan into a PDF? Once scanned, how do I sell them on Stubhub?

Tickets not General Admission

Posted tickets for sale and the only option was to select general admission. These are loft seats and were more expensive due to having it's own seperate bar area and better view. How do I share this information in the listing?

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