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All ticketmvp's Badges

ticketmvp has earned 35 badges!
  • Completed Registration
    Completed Registration
    Earned by 125,314
    It's official - welcome to the StubHub Community! Earn badges for interacting with other fans like you!
  • Topic Starter
    Topic Starter
    Earned by 41,081
    Awesome! You started a topic on the StubHub Community!
  • Conversationalist
    Earned by 216
    Keep those conversations coming! Great job starting 10 topics!
  • Verbally Gifted
    Verbally Gifted
    Earned by 114
    You've started 20 topics, keep it up!
  • Motor Mouth
    Motor Mouth
    Earned by 46
    You've started 50 topics on the StubHub Community, you're incredible!
  • The Gift of Gab
    The Gift of Gab
    Earned by 23
    You've started 100 topics! Thanks for being such a valuable member of the StubHub Community!
  • First Reply
    First Reply
    Earned by 26,513
    Congrats on posting your first reply - keep it up to earn new badges!
  • Found Your Flock
    Found Your Flock
    Earned by 751
    You've posted 10 replies - great job!
  • Birds of a Feather
    Birds of a Feather
    Earned by 373
    20 replies and going strong! You're awesome!
  • Chatterbox
    Earned by 162
    You've posted 50 replies and earned a new badge!
  • Call of the Amazon
    Call of the Amazon
    Earned by 90
    Whoa! 100 replies posted!
  • Tag, You're It!
    Tag, You're It!
    Earned by 2,467
    Congratulations on making your first tag!
  • Freeze Tag
    Freeze Tag
    Earned by 60
    10 tags - great job!
  • TV Tag
    TV Tag
    Earned by 23
    You've made 20 tags - way to go!
  • Flashlight Tag
    Flashlight Tag
    Earned by 5
    You earned a new badge for making 50 tags! Well done!
  • Amoeba Tag
    Amoeba Tag
    Earned by 3
    100 tags earns you a badge!
  • First Kudos Given
    First Kudos Given
    Earned by 6,916
    Well done - you've given your first kudos!
  • The Golf Clap
    The Golf Clap
    Earned by 360
    You've given 10 kudos, thanks for being a great member of the StubHub Community!
  • The Slow Clap
    The Slow Clap
    Earned by 189
    Nice! You earned a badge for giving 20 kudos!
  • Round of Applause
    Round of Applause
    Earned by 82
    50 kudos given?! Looks like someone deserves a badge!
  • Standing Ovation
    Standing Ovation
    Earned by 57
    You've given 100 kudos! You're unstoppable.
  • First Kudos Received
    First Kudos Received
    Earned by 6,136
    You've received your first kudos! The more you receive, the more badges you'll earn!
  • Two Thumbs Up
    Two Thumbs Up
    Earned by 351
    Two thumbs WAY up - you've received 10 kudos!
  • Kudos Rockstar
    Kudos Rockstar
    Earned by 188
    Keep on rockin'! You earned a new badge for receiving 20 kudos!
  • You're Awesome
    You're Awesome
    Earned by 72
    Look at you go! You've received 50 kudos!
  • The People Love You
    The People Love You
    Earned by 34
    You've received 100 kudos - you're probably the coolest person we know.
  • Approved Resolution
    Approved Resolution
    Earned by 351
    You received your first approved resolution! Keep it up and you'll earn more badges!
  • Smart Cookie
    Smart Cookie
    Earned by 23
    Nice job! 10 approved resolutions!
  • Prodigy
    Earned by 16
    20 approved resolutions earns you a new badge!
  • Genius
    Earned by 13
    You've got 50 approved resolutions under your belt!
  • StubHub Einstein
    StubHub Einstein
    Earned by 9
    You've provided 100 approved resolutions! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the StubHub Community!
  • 1st Year Anniversary
    1st Year Anniversary
    Earned by 9,116
    Happy 1st Anniversary! Thanks for hanging out with us, we're so happy to have you here!
  • 2nd Year Anniversary
    2nd Year Anniversary
    Earned by 5,386
    Wishing you a very happy 2nd Anniversary with the StubHub Community!
  • 3rd Year Anniversary
    3rd Year Anniversary
    Earned by 2,750
    Wow! Happy 3rd Anniversary, we're looking forward to many more years with you!
  • 4th Year Anniversary
    4th Year Anniversary
    Earned by 358
    It's that time of the year again?! Whoop Whoop! Happy 4th Anniversary!