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Ticket Rating & Why 2 Tickets are not shown as being sold, when there are 4 seats in a row?

I'm selling four tickets that are 5th row center in The Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio for the show called Company.  If they are not some of the best seats in the theater they are pretty close to it.  Yet my rating is a "5.6 - Good."  When compared to other seats on sale for the same night's performace I'm surprised my rating is so low?  Also, I had indicated I didn't want one seat left by itself if the tickets were sold as pairs and yet when I put two tickets in the search my tickets don't appear.  They only appear if I put 4 tickets in the search.  This is my first time trying to sell tickets on StubHub so perhaps I'm missing something here??  Is there a way to have StubHub recommend a price to ask for the tickets?  Many thanks.

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