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Suggestions for the Community

We want your feedback! Please post here any suggestions you have to make this community a better place. Anything from board titles, to functionality and design, or gamification!

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Covid-19 - MLB Refunds

Hey everyone, Just curious if anyone has received a refund or 120% coupon as stated by StubHub, for an event that has since passed? an email? anything?... I can understand that the global response must be large for StubHub, but it would be nice to at...

  • 4 Replies

Website changed?

I can't tell if it's something to do with my account settings but before when I'd check the seating for an event, I could just hover my mouse above a section and it would say how many tickets there are left. Now when I check, I have to actually click...

Over 30% buying fees

Hi StubHub, when i looked up, it says Stubhub charges 10% buying fees. However, i bought 2 tickets today at $325 each, and you charged almost $200 buying fees. Could you explain why it is so high?

App Keeps Crashing

My StubHub app keeps crashing when trying to scan mobile tickets from the MLB app to StubHub via the barcode reader option. I have tried with various ticket quantities (4,10,18,etc.) thinking upload volumne was the issue but all have shut down the ap...

finding tickets

so i purchased 2 070shake concert tickets under a guest account . and then i protected my purchase and now when i click ont he email that says "view my tickets" its gone and says that a probloem occured. the concert is in two days so i really need to...

Seller fees increased to 13% from 10%

Up until last week or so, all my listings had 10% seller fees. Starting from last week I started seeing 13% seller fee on one of the most recent listings, and ever since then all the new listings I create shows 13% seller fees. Used the customer serv...

New Site - Feedback Thread

Your new site stinks! It's always been possible to click a "zone" icon and see pricing in a whole zone and not just individual sections. It was fine all day until a couple hours ago and never been a problem. It made listing tickets ACCURATELY easy......

  • 85 Replies

Buying Ticket Fees Way Too High

I recently bought tickets to a local sporting venue. I noticed that the fee on my $300/ticket price was ~25%! I paid almost $200 in ticket fees alone. I looked at ticketmaster for comprobable priced tickets and their fees were about 12%. Why are thes...

  • 17 Replies
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