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Virtual VIP Experiences - Broadway Meet & Greets

Calling all Broadway fans! StubHub is so excited to be able to bring you closer than ever to your favorite shows! Through one of our private virtual meet-and-greet experiences, you can hang out with Broadway stars from Hamilton, Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen, and more. Ready to experience this magic from the comfort of your home? Purchase your tickets today!


Purchase Details

  • Each purchase provides access to one 30-minute virtual meet & greet
  • All experiences are private and each ticket represents a unique Zoom feed with an individual actor. Additional feeds cannot be added.
  • You may have up to 6 people on the same camera for your meet & greet. Do not purchase multiple tickets for multiple feeds. Each ticket is a separate meet & greet experience.
  • All listed times are in Eastern Standard Time. If you are in a different time zone, please keep this in mind when purchasing tickets.
  • StubHub is not liable for connection or technical issues that may disrupt or impact the call.
  • After completing your purchase, you will receive further communication, information, and instructions from StubHub. 




How do I know which artist I will meet?

The meet-and-greet experiences are offered and scheduled based on talent availablity. After completing your purchase, you will receive further communication about your experience -- including the artist name!


What if I am not satisfied with the artist I received? 

After initial scheduling, we are unable to change the artist for the experience. You may contact us to inquire about exceptions. 


On which platform do your experiences take place?

Zoom is used for all private virtual meet-and-greet experiences. After your purchase is complete, you will receive a Zoom invite and further instructions from StubHub. Please download the free Zoom app before your meet-and-greet. When the time comes, just click on the link, enter the password provided, and the Zoom app (which you would have downloaded) will pop up and connect you!


Do you offer any accommodations for fans with special needs?

Yes! We can provide an ASL interpreter or any other special service that you need. Please contact us if you require these or other accommodations.


Can I record my experience?

If you wish to record your experience, you are required to ask the artist for verbal consent at the start of your session. Please respect their decision. If you have their consent, you may record the experience on your own device, rather than via Zoom. Please review this article for detailed information on how to do so.


Can I post about my experience on social media?

If you got verbal consent from the artist to record or screenshot your experience, we would love to see it online! Please be advised that this is a private experience and you may not post clips longer than one minute on any social media platform. Posting a few seconds of the experience on Instagram or TikTok is highly encouraged (don't forget to tag us @StubHub!), but please don’t post more than one minute. StubHub cannot assist with any further technicalities of self-made recordings.


Will the artist sing for me?

The 30 minutes with the artist are meant for a true meet-and-greet experience, where you can chat, share stories, ask questions about their career, etc. Please do not ask the artist to sing for you during the meet-and-greet. As professional performers, the artists take singing seriously, and require a warm-up and high-quality A/V equipment.


Who is supposed to call “time’s up?”

When the 30 minutes are up, please take ownership of wrapping up the Zoom session. You can thank the artist for their time and end the call by clicking "Leave meeting". 


Can I “bring” my friends?

You may have up to 6 people on the same camera for your experience. Unfortunately, we can only allow one Zoom feed per meet-and-greet at this time.



Getting Ready



  • Come prepared with a list of a least 10 questions or conversation topics. If you need some ideas, we provided a list of suggested questions below! We invite you to tell the artist about your experience in theater, any professional aspirations you have, and ask for advice.
  • Place yourself in a well-lit area with light coming from in front of you so you aren't back-lit. We recommend taking the call from a laptop, rather than smartphone, to have the highest quality experience.
  • Test your Wi-Fi connection, camera, microphone, and speakers ahead of time.


  • Ask the artist for personal information including contact information, or ask questions about topics unrelated to the artist’s professional life.
  • Ask for services not included, e.g. personal videos or a lesson
  • Ask the artist to follow you on social media or contact you later.
  • Ask the artist to sing a song for you.
  • Take screenshots or record video without verbal consent.
  • Post clips longer than one minute on any social media platform. Posting a few seconds of the experience is encouraged, but no more than one minute is permitted.


Suggested Questions


Beginnings & Education

  • What was your acting training?
  • When did you realize you wanted to be a performer?
  • Where did you go to school and how much has it influenced your career?
  • What was your first gig as a performer, and how did you land it?
  • What is most important to know in this career that you didn’t know before?
  • When you were younger, did you do community or school plays?
  • What was the first play/musical you were cast in outside of school and what was your role?
  • Has your cultural background made an impact in your acting career?
  • Did you ever consider going into anything other than theatre? If so, what?
  • Who were your biggest inspirations?
  • Did you have support from your family and friends to pursue this career?

Rehearsal & Process

  • What was the rehearsal process like for this show?
  • How do you tap into emotions when you’re acting?
  • What’s challenging about bringing this script to life?
  • What was one of the funniest moments you can remember from a rehearsal?
  • Who are some of the best directors you have worked with? What separates the best ones from the others?


  • What was a time something went wrong in a performance?
  • What were some of your most rewarding moments of performing?
  • What was your favorite role?
  • Do you have any pre-show ‘rituals’ that you do before a show?
  • What are some differences from performing on Broadway and in smaller theatre productions? What are the pros and cons of both?
  • Are there any future plans you can reveal to us?