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Community Manager

About Badges

The more you do - the more you earn! Accrue badges on the StubHub Community for interacting with other fans and completing certain tasks! Check out just a few of the badges you can earn:



Complete RegistrationComplete Registration

1st Anniversary1st Anniversary   2nd Anniversary2nd Anniversary   3rd Anniversary3rd Anniversary   4th Anniversary4th Anniversary   5th Anniversary5th Anniversary

1st Approved Resolution1st Approved Resolution   10 Approved Resolutions10 Approved Resolutions   20 Approved Resolutions20 Approved Resolutions   50 Approved Resolutions50 Approved Resolutions   100 Approved Resolutions100 Approved Resolutions

1st Reply1st Reply   10 Replies10 Replies   20 Replies20 Replies   50 Replies50 Replies   100 Replies100 Replies

Give 1st KudosGive 1st Kudos   Give 10 KudosGive 10 Kudos   Give 20 KudosGive 20 Kudos  Give 50 KudosGive 50 Kudos  Give 100 KudosGive 100 KudosReceive 1st KudosReceive 1st Kudos   Receive 10 KudosReceive 10 Kudos   Receive 20 KudosReceive 20 Kudos   Receive 50 KudosReceive 50 Kudos   Receive 100 KudosReceive 100 Kudos

1st Tag1st Tag   10 Tags10 Tags   20 Tags20 Tags   50 Tags50 Tags   100 Tags100 Tags

Start 1st TopicStart 1st Topic   Start 10 TopicsStart 10 Topics   Start 20 TopicsStart 20 Topics   Start 50 TopicsStart 50 Topics   Start 100 TopicsStart 100 Topics