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Creative Ways to Gift the Ultimate Experience this Holiday Season


There's nothing quite like the reaction you'll get from giving someone tickets to a live event!  Whether you're finally getting Dad to see his favorite team or taking your best friend out for a night on the town to see Hamilton, the memories they make are sure to last a lifetime.  But why wait until the day of the event to start the memorable experience? Here are a few fun and creative ways to gift tickets!  


Tickets not in hand? No worries!  Attached to this post is our Gift Announcement which you can wrap up in place of the actual tickets!



Bonus Surprise!


Try wrapping up the tickets with some memorabilia.  Tickets to a 49ers game? Get them a jersey for their favorite player and place the tickets under the jersey in the box.  That way, they'll take the jersey out and then get the bonus surprise underneath! You can do this with a concert/tour t-shirt as well.  Another cool idea would be to stick them in a playbill or roll them up in a poster!  And of course, you can't forget the old classic of slipping them in the sleeve of a new album!


Russian Dolls!


Few things are more fun than watching someone unwrap a giant box only to find a smaller box inside that they then have to unwrap to find a smaller box and so on.  Give this a try with tickets and make it fun by wrapping each box in paper that represents the event!


Scavenger Hunt!


Get everyone up and moving with a scavenger hunt!  How many 90's kids were sent on a wild goose chase on Christmas morning to the spice rack to find their first Spice Girls CD?  This is a fun way to drop hints and build their excitement to the final bounty!


Get Digital! 


Try photoshopping your friend or family member into a photo of the crowd at the event they're going to!  You can frame it with the tickets to make a fun memento for them to look at until the event.  Then, they can replace the picture with themselves at the event once they go!




For a really exciting presentation, you could attach the tickets to ribbons on helium balloons and wrap them in a box.  When they open the box, the balloons will fly out and so will the tickets!  Another fun balloon trick is to put the tickets in the balloons with confetti and make them have to pop them to get the tickets.  A sure-fire way to wake them up and get them excited!




Have you been given tickets in a cool or interesting way?  Share with fellow fans in the thread below!