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COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 event updates


As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we understand you might have questions about events, venue and team safety procedures, cancelations and postponements. Please review the following information:

  • We’re working directly with our many partners, event organizers, leagues and teams around the world to update you as quickly as possible. See a list of all canceled events.
  • Buyers who attend events during the pandemic must comply with social distancing and health policies as the venue requires. This may include wearing a mask, washing hands frequently, and not having an elevated temperature. Check out our policy for both buyers and sellers. 

Read StubHub's first update on our event cancelation policy.


Read the latest from StubHub’s interim president, Jill Krimmel.

What is your event cancelation policy?

If an event is canceled, we’ll give you a StubHub credit for 120% of the amount you paid. Read more about our event cancelation policy.


What is your rescheduled or postponed event policy?

If an event is rescheduled or postponed, your ticket will be good for the new date.


How do I know if my event was impacted or see the event status?

Check the My Tickets page in your account.


Can I relist tickets for an event if I can no longer go?

If you bought your tickets on StubHub, you can relist your tickets for free.


What does “pod integrity” mean?

StubHub requires sellers to list tickets in the same quantity they originally bought. This ensures fans can attend events while maintaining CDC-recommended social distancing guidelines.


When will I be paid if I sold tickets to an event?

We’ll pay you after the event takes place. Read more about our seller policy.


How do I know which teams are allowing fans and their venue rules?

We recommend checking with the team or venue website for the most accurate information.


When do you think live events will return to normal?

Each team, artist, production and venue is exploring opportunities for fans to return to live events safely. We’re working with partners across the industry, and we’ve been encouraged by success with the MLB World Series, NFL, college football and other events. That said, the situation is constantly evolving and it is very hard to predict when large-scale live events will return. We may see the normal live events landscape we once knew in the second half of 2021. There are plenty of opportunities to attend live events safely now as well.

Important buyer information


To see your event status, log into your StubHub account and click My Tickets. Events are designated as either: 


  • Active: Active or rescheduled events
    • You can resell your tickets on StubHub if you can't go or don't want to
    • If you relist your tickets on StubHub and they sell, we'll automatically waive the fee we normally charge sellers
  • TBA: Postponed, suspended or events pending cancelation
    • We are waiting for the event organizer to make a decision on whether to cancel or reschedule the event. You don’t need to contact us; we’ll email you when we know more.

    • Keep your current tickets in case they’re valid for the new event date

  • CanceledCanceled events
    • You don’t need to contact us; we’ll email you to confirm
    • We’ll add a coupon/credit worth 120% of your original order to your StubHub account. You can apply this to one or multiple StubHub orders in the same currency until Dec. 31, 2022.

Important seller information

We now pay sellers 5 to 8 business days after an event. This protects you from charges if the event is canceled and we need to recoup your payment. 


See the different situations below for our policies:

We already paid you for tickets you sold to a canceled event
  • We will charge your credit card on file to reverse the transaction. Contact the original ticket company for a ticket refund.
You sold tickets to a postponed event
  • Wait until we email you; the event may be rescheduled or canceled. The original ticket company will contact us with event details.
You sold tickets to a rescheduled event
  • We’ll email the buyer. They can either attend the event or resell the ticket.
You're trying to list tickets for a rescheduled event
  • Keep checking back; we’re working through a backlog of postponed and canceled events and will have the event onsite soon.
New User

Re: COVID-19 Update

My coupon for 120% has dissappeared from my account. To my knowledge, I had until Dec 31,2021 to use my coupon. I can't seem to find it and I was wanting to use it for a similar upcoming event. Please let me know how I can use it and where it went.


Re: COVID-19 Update

Same here. I received a 120% coupon after the NHL game I got tickets for got canceled back in March 2020. I can't see the coupon/funds/balance in my account, and when I try to reenter the coupon code, I get an error message because it was already added.

Tried to call the German customer service number but the call ends even automatically before someone picks up the phone.

New User

Re: COVID-19 Update

Just hoping for clarification on the expiration date for the credits: 12/31 is the deadline for purchasing tickets with the credit or attending a show? Assuming the former. Smiley Happy


Re: COVID-19 Update

I had already loaded my coupon into my StubHub Wallet prior to receiving the email on May 3, 2021. The coupon in my StubHub Wallet still says my credit expires 12/31/21 (as opposed to 12/31/22 referenced in the email), and my StubHub Wallet did not contain the option to elect a cash refund (which is what I want to do). 


I cannot contact anyone on customer support. Tell me how I can confirm that I a) am electing for a cash refund and b) will receive it.


Re: COVID-19 Update

I'm in the same boat. Been on hold for 35 minutes so far. I just want to confirm that I will get my refund being that my 120% coupon has already been loaded into my StubHub Wallet. The FAQ says there will be an option in the wallet to select that you want to keep the 120% is not there. I've tried several browsers. I don't want the 120%, I want a refund of what I spent. Sigh. Hopefully this all works out for everybody that got screwed by this situation.

New User

Re: COVID-19 Update

I cannot see the button to keep the 120% coupon. I had already loaded it into my wallet last year and the expiration date says 12/31/2021. I want the credit to extend until the end of 2022. 


Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 13.54.15.png