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Community Manager

Community Log-In Changes EFFECTIVE 4/1/2022

For new community members, you will be registering directly with the community instead of your StubHub member account.  The screen will look like:


Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 5.26.52 PM.png

For existing Community Users, you will use your current username and a new password.  Here’s what to do.  

Click on "Sign-In". This will be the same spot as before, but the screen will look like this:


Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 6.08.06 PM.png

Username: Enter the username (screen name) you previously selected for the community (e.g. CameronJ below):


Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 10.31.04 AM.png

Password:  You will need to create a new password.  Click on “Forgot Username or password” and enter the email address associated with your StubHub Community account.


Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 10.34.26 AM.png

An email will be sent to your email address that will contain both your username as well as a link to reset your Password. Once you have successfully completed the password reset process, you are done!

New User

Bought tickets pre covid.... show got cancelled due to performer being sick but had already drove to location because I didn't get email. Talked to a representative named Allie. She gave me a gift code to use, now it's saying Invalid! Anyone had this same issue? 

New User

I can't log in, and my concert will be next month. Please help. (order ID 554139300)

Backup Singer


Team Mascot

With proxy website 


cant log in to my account and cant recover password via email as no recover email received. Help. email is


I purchased tickets to a football game and received an email that they are ready. However, the tickets do not show up in my account and when I click on "find my order" to put in the access code, a blank page appears. I believe the issue may be that I used my cell phone number when I purchased the tickets but my account reflects my home telephone number. Is there a way to correct this issue? 

Team Mascot

When are yall coming to indiana I have never been to a concert and I want yall to be my first 

Team Mascot

Hi, I've bought tickets as a guest and registered later, using the same email. Now I got email saying that my tickets are ready for downloading and I can open the page which tells about my tickets, but there is no link to download or print any tickets. (just a receipt of my purchase). If I log to app or pages with my credentials, I can't see any tickets. What should I do? 

Zamboni Driver

Thank you so much for sharing ❤️ 


I can transfer my tickets because of a email is unrecoverable. How do I get them transferred to my current email?

Team Mascot

I bought two tickets for a basket ball game , I cant claim the tickets cause I cant get no help to 

get them downloaded. If this is a scam app. then we need to know or get our tickets we purchased

ledgitimately. Please respond I would like to have my tickets


Team Mascot

I sold three thickets in April back to stub still waiting for my refund I get every excuse in the world I even switched my payment methods.dose anyone know corporate phone number because keeps coming up same as the one you call for stub hub 

Backup Singer

Cameron J, I have also been selling on Stub Hub for many years. But have not been able to get a competent Person @teamsupport to answer my questions.


I have posted over and over again. If I provide my personal contact info, would You be willing to answer my questions, and any follow up questions depending on the answers Please ?


My Name is Larry