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Suggestions for the Community

We want your feedback! Please post here any suggestions you have to make this community a better place. Anything from board titles, to functionality and design, or gamification!

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Customer Feedback

Using computer site on Windows 10: - Won't show total number of tickets still available for sale for an event (unless of course there are just a few left)! - Years ago took away all kinds of great custom sort features - like sorting by row, sorting o...

The 'People Viewing This Event' Counter Issue

The people viewing this event dropdown only changes like every hour. I see 3000 people viwing and sales at a standstill. Does this just mean peopl have the page open on their PC or are actively surfing or what? How often is it refreshed. Stubhub DESP...

Developer API site doesn't work

At, when I tried to generate API keys, the following error message was displayed:Error occurred while executing the action generateApplicationKey Is there any way to communicate with the developer API Site, such as an email addr...

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Buyer Marketplace

StubHub - if not already suggested, I would suggest to increase sales on your site to include a place where buyers can identify sections they are interested in. Once identified, they advise of a price they are willing to purchase tickets in that sect...

Why push seats ahead of mine?

I listed my Giants tickets for sale on stubhub and went to check out the listing and StubHub suggested there were "better seats for only $400 more per ticket"!Am I a shill for everyone who sits in front of me? Why would you put that up there? Well, I...

fees on tickets don't match my invoice

I received my tickets to Blake Shelton concert in Greensboro nc for March 10. Purchased online ticket for 237.50 each with 55.25 fee for each and I received tickets in mail an face value is 95.00 and much less fees listed. It is very misleading your ...

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Parking Pass Listings

It might be nice if you extended the expiration of parking pas listings at least another 10 or 15 minutes beyond the expiration time for the venue because lots of seat listing sales occur in the final minutes leading up to the expiration and many peo...