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Validity of Concert tickets

Hi, this is my first time buying concert tickets in StubHub since I wasn't able to secure any for Suga's concert. And when additional date was announced for Singapore, I saw a lot of tickets were being sold here, so me and friends took our chances. After completing the transaction, the tickets were available already for download.


I just want to ask for someone's help or guidance regarding the following issues:


(I know that I should have thought of these things prior to buying the tickets but excitement overwhemled me first and then now I am kinda worried)


1.) Should our tickets be transferred to by the seller? If so, how can we request this?

2.) Is there a way to contact the seller directly?

3.) How can we guarantee that tickets are not being sold multiple times and entry won't be denied?

4.) Is there a way to verify the bar codes in the tickets prior to the concert?


Thank you very much for the help.



Re: Validity of Concert tickets

Great questions! 


 1. Yes, your tickets will be transferred through the primary vendor's app so if the primary is Ticketmaster.SG, that is where the tickets will come from.

 2. We do not allow for direct contact between buyers and sellers, so if you have concerns you can just send us a private message here to @TeamStubHub with those concerns.

 3. Our FanProtect Guarantee ensures that you are covered if there are any issues with your order and sellers that double list can be penalized up to 100% of the total ticket price.

 4. As long as you've received the transfer from the primary, those barcodes would be considered validated by the primary since they were sent through the proper channels. 


Hopefully that helps. but if there are specific concerns with your order, you're welcome to PM our support team @TeamStubHub.


Re: Validity of Concert tickets



Thank you for your reply, very much appreciated.


Just want further clarification regarding the answers provided for questions nos. 1 and 2. Since we cannot contact the seller directly, how can we request the transfer of tickets to our account then?


I just want to make sure that we have it on our account before the concert.


Btw, as mentioned on my previous post, the tickets were already sent to us as a pdf file right after completing the transaction, it's just that I have read that tickets should be transferred to ticketmaster for assurance. Thanks.


Re: Validity of Concert tickets

Literally have the same concern. I hear some would be able to receive a ticket transfer to their TM account but what I got was a PDF file. I hope StubHub can help facilitate the transfer of the tickets through the official TM ticket transfer process.

OP cited some valid points. It's not even the refund. Nothing worse than showing up to a concert only ro get rejected bec ticket was a duplicate /unofficial. :((
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