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How to handle tickets listed on multiple platforms?

How do folks handing listing the same ticket across multiple platforms, say Stubhub & Ticketmaster? My worry is the same tickets will sell on both platforms prior to me being able to delist from the other platform. What is the best way to handle this? 


If there's not a good way, what are the consequenses if this occurs?



Re: How to handle tickets listed on multiple platforms?

Hi Tex


It is a very bad idea to list on multiple platforms.  If you sell on one and do not delist the listing from the second site you will be hit with a dropped sale charge of 100% of the value of your sale.


The only way around this is to use an API such as Ticketsutil or Skybox which will automatically remove from other sites if the tickets sell on Stubhub.  Note that you gnerally need to have a minimum amount of sales before these companies will allow you to use the API.

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