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Getting Paid for Selling Tickets!

When you sell tickets on StubHub, payments are processed 5-8 business days after the event takes place. How does StubHub pay me? The way we pay you for ticket sales depends on where you live and where the event is. See your StubHub account's payment ...

Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Can't make it to your event anymore? List them on StubHub! It's fast and easy to do! Click here to get started! By listing and selling your tickets on StubHub, you do agree to our policies outlined in our User Agreement and Seller Policies. We know y...

Thursday White Sox Game

bought 2 great tickets for me and a friend past 1st base line. Then bought 2 BETTER tickets between home and first. I just want what i paid for the first pair

Event not available for listing

My event is unavailable for listing, even though I originally purchased the ticket through Stubhub. I submitted an event creation request on 14 September and have not received any follow up.

Listing Tickets

Trying to sell tickets to SSBD but the event isn't showing up for all four days, only the 2-day pass. How do I list these tickets if the event isn't showing as an option?

Selling tickets

I was just about to list my tickets for sale, when I saw my inbox had more than a dozen emails from you with a pin number that I supposedly requested. I did not request any such pin, and there was no where on your site where I was at that even reques...

listing disappeared

I changed the amount I was selling tickets for and the listing disappeared when I updated it.

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Multiple Requests for New Events No Met

Using the link to Request an Event popup on this page, I have been trying for weeks to get the following listings up with no success:Devotional Don't Look Back Sweet Home Alabama Dead Man's Party Could you please forward these four events to a reliab...

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Adding Event

hi, i requested multiple times using the form over the course of the last month to get the Diplo event added in Austin. Can this get added please? Event date: 22 OctoberName: Austin Race Weekend w/ DiploLink: