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Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Can't make it to your event anymore? List them on StubHub


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By listing and selling your tickets on StubHub, you do agree to our policies outlined in our User Agreement and Seller Policies.


We know you might have some questions before listing. Keep reading for some frequently asked questions. 


Q: How much are StubHub selling fees?  


A: StubHub only charges sellers when tickets are sold. It is FREE to list your tickets. Fees vary depending on the event, price, and delivery method. The fees on any sale are there for a few different reasons, with our main focus being to provide a positive experience for all of our fans.


Q: How do I get paid when selling my tickets?   


A: There are a few ways! Check out our Getting Paid for Selling Tickets post for more information.

Q: How can I deliver my tickets to a buyer?   


A: Ticket delivery depends on the type of ticket you have. You will need to deliver them to the buyer the same way they're received from the primary ticket provider. The only time this does not occur is when we are partnered with a team or venue.

Ticket transfer

  • These tickets are in an online account where you bought them (the team, Ticketmaster, etc.)
  • We'll send you instructions so you can transfer tickets to the buyer through the online account
  • The buyer will use their mobile phone to get the tickets and view them on the event day
    Flash Seats
    • These are mobile-only tickets stored in a Flash Seats account
    • After your tickets sell, we'll email you instructions to transfer them to the buyer using the Flash Seats app
    • The buyer will use their Flash Seats account to link a credit card or license (if applicable) to swipe, or the Flash Seats app to scan at the venue
      • You'll enter the numeric or alphanumeric barcode shown on the tickets. Enter the barcode shown on the tickets to deliver them to the buyer.
      • We'll cancel your barcodes and reissue new ones to the buyer once you have entered them in.
        Paper tickets
        • These are traditional tickets printed on laminated, hard stock paper, wristbands, or tickets printed at home.
        • You'll be given a pre-paid UPS shipping label to use. Go to "My Tickets > Sales" to get your label.
        • We recommend dropping them off at a UPS store to ship rather than using a UPS drop-box.
          PDF tickets
          • These are PDF files on your computer or mobile device
          • They should be the original document you got when you bought your tickets
          • If you have 1 document with all of the tickets but only want to sell some of them, you can choose which files to keep and which to sell in the listing process
            Pickup tickets
            • These are hard tickets you'll deliver to our Last Minute Services (LMS) location
            • If you choose LMS delivery, the tickets won't be on-site until they are delivered to our LMS team
            • Not all events offer Last Minute Services.
            • If your tickets are at LMS and they sell, the buyer will pick them up on the day of the event. You don't need to do anything!
            • If your tickets are at LMS and they do not sell or the listing is deleted, sellers are welcome to go to our pickup location to retrieve their tickets.
              Will Call tickets
              • Will Call tickets (tickets only available at the venue's box office) CANNOT be listed on StubHub as we are not able to confirm the delivery of tickets using this method.

                Q: My tickets won't be ready until a later date or close to the event. Do I need to fulfill as soon as tickets sell?

                A: You can set what we call an "In-Hand Date" for when you can expect the tickets to be in your possession.

                During the listing process, we will pre-select the latest in hand date possible to help you avoid any fulfillment issues. You can change this date if you expect the tickets to arrive sooner.

                If the tickets sell, you have until your in-hand date to deliver them to the buyer. But, you can always deliver them sooner if you're able too. The earlier you deliver the tickets, the sooner you'll get paid!

                Q: How long do I have to fulfill my sale?


                A: When your tickets sell, we'll send you an email with a deadline to complete your sale and deliver the tickets to the buyer.

                This deadline depends on when you told us your tickets were in possession (In Hand) or not (Not In hand). If they're not in your possession, when listing the tickets you told us when you'd have them. 

                Tickets that sold after your In Hand Date: Based on the kind of ticket you sold, deliver the tickets to the buyer within these timeframes:

                • Mobile transfer and Flash Seats (AXS/Rival) tickets that sold

                  • More than 48 hours from the event: Transfer the tickets within 1 calendar day of the sale date
                  • Less than 48 hours from the event, within business hours: Transfer the tickets within 4 hours of the sale (9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Sunday)
                  • Less than 48 hours from the event, outside business hours: Transfer the tickets by 10:00 AM the next day (9:00 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Sunday)
                  • Electronic (PDF) tickets: Upload the file(s) within 1 calendar day of the sale date
                  • UPS tickets: Ship the tickets within 1 business day of the sale date (we recommend dropping the tickets off at a UPS store, not a drop-box)

                    Tickets that sold before your In Hand Date: You have until this date to deliver them. You can always deliver before this date (the sooner you do, the earlier you'll be paid!)
                  • Mobile transfer and Flash Seats (AXS/Rival) tickets: Transfer them within 1 calendar day of your In Hand Date
                  • Electronic (PDF) tickets: Upload the file(s) within 1 calendar day of your In Hand Date
                  • UPS tickets: Ship the tickets within 1 business day of the In Hand Date (we recommend dropping the tickets off at a UPS store, not a drop-box)

                    Q: I'm not able to deliver the tickets I sold. How do I report this?   

                    A: If you're not able to deliver the tickets you sold on StubHub, please let us know.

                    1. Login to your StubHub account
                    2. Go to My tickets > Sales
                    3. Under the sale, click "Report an Issue" and follow the instructions. If you have replacement tickets to offer, specify what tickets you're offering.



                    Please send a private message to TeamStubHub with the email address, order number, and order number to your account.  

                    Important: If you're not able to deliver the tickets as promised, or if the buyer doesn't accept your replacement tickets, your credit card on file would be charged according to our Seller Policies.


                    Q: I have tickets for an event but the event is not listed. Will StubHub add this event? 


                    A: Some events will not be on StubHub due to Charity or Fulfillment Restrictions. We apologize for any issues this might cause! If the event you have tickets for isn't listed there, you can alwayrequest it! Requests generally take 5-7 business days to be posted to the site if approved.


                    Have a question not answered?


                    Comment below and someone within the StubHub Community will answer!


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

unable to print shipping label no option when on sell screen


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

I have one ticket for a major event in a small venue, and it is not listed on the site. Is it possible to list the ticket for sale?


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

The selling process seems very straightforward to setup. Though I don't understand why some people selling tickets in my section can list "Sideview (printed on ticket)" but the only option I can select is "Rear or Sideview" with lines of info about it being a cheaper option bc of potential obstruction. Why is that option not listed for me to choose?  I am not even seeing that as an option. 

Another example is selecting Club Level - why do some sellers have that details but for me its not an option for me to select?


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Hello: For a recent ticket order, under orders, when I click on the "sell your ticket" link option, instead of going to the relist ticket type of link, to set the price and list it, it instead goes to a ticket order page, that doesn't let you list it. These are digital tickets too, with barcodes. How do I fix this, so I can relist the tickets? Thanks! 


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Why aren't the selling fees shown at the time the listing is created? I understand that the fees are not charged until the tickets sell, but I need to know what they'll be in order to price the tickets correctly.


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

What do we do when you delete our listings??

Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

I bought tickets that were listed as mobile.  Our plans changed and I relisted and THEN the status of the tickets changed to e-tcket.  (Both day of).  That seems sketchy and I'm worried about getting the PDF email / transfering to whomever buys them considering "end of day" is an hour and a half before the show starts.  I can't seem to find a reason why the status change of the ticket is or how I'm supposed to redeliver relisted tickets (assuming they sell?).  If they get bought before the day of show, am I not in the picture at all? (3 weeks out at this point and the sale stops on 3 days before the show). thx.


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Tickets were purchased on a guest account and transferred to me. Now I want to sell them. I can access them using the access code but I didn’t see where I could sell them from there, so I listed them in my account. What will I need to do if/when they sell?


Re: Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

I desperately need this answered also

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