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Buying tickets to a contingent event

I am living overseas (Europe) and about to buy tickets for a contingent event.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Game 5: Boston Bruins vs. TBD.

Now there is a chance this game will never be played if:

- Bruins get eliminated before the finals or lose in 4 games of the Stanley Cup Final

- Bruins win the Stanley Cup in four games (4-0)

Questions with regards to the tickets I bought:

1) Do I get a full refund including all fees if that game will not happen anymore?

2) Do I get this refund directly back to the credit card used when buying the tickets?


What happens if I this game will be played but I can't attend for any reason (e.g. unable to find flights from Europe)?

3) Am I eligible to re-sell my tickets through Stubhub, if I find any buyer?

4) Where does the money get transferred to for sold tickets? Simply "refunded" to the credit card used when buying those tickets? Or do I need to have this transferred throug Stubhub or similar?


Thanks in advance for feedback. With that I can proceed bu


Re: Buying tickets to a contingent event

Hi @koschti_1976 


1) Yes, a full refund including fees

2) back to the original form of payment

3) Yes, you can list the tickets on StubHub to sell and Stubhub will generally waive the selling fees

4) If you sell, you are paid 5-8 business days after the event. When you set up your StubHub account you will be asked to set up bank information for payments. Payment is made to the default account you selected


Re: Buying tickets to a contingent event

Melpik is correct! If you have any further questions, please send us a DM and we'd be happy to help. 

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