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Incorrect Event Information

Are you aware of recent changes to an event? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details we have on-site versus the primary? Let us know about it by commenting below! To help us address and review the issue as quickly as possible, please make sure ...

How to request for an event to be added

In order to request an event, you need to first click the "Sell" link on the top right-hand side of the website. Or follow this link. Type in the performer/artist/team "Bill Bellamy" for this example. Select from the drop-down menu, if available. If ...

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 12.27.12 PM.png TeamStubHub_0-1681761850610.png Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 12.29.31 PM.png Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 12.29.47 PM.png

Map Errors on Site

If you notice a map is incorrect on our site, please post on this board and include the: - Event Name - Event Date - Link to the event on our site - A link to a correct map (if you have one) We will report all issues to our Mapping team but due to th...

Comicon San Diego

I see tickets for sale to Comicon in San Diego are available on StubHub, but when I check elsewhere I am told that these are a scam, and not legitimate. How do I find out what’s correct???

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Madison Square Garden Seat Map

Please see the map and information below. The "Gallery" is a separate 2 row Section at the Garden. My seats are getting buried on your list and they appear with seats that are 20+ Rows above mine.I've been asking for this for 2 years since you incorr...

buzz1990_0-1707149152075.jpeg MSG, Ticket info for 2-6-24.jpg


I am a first time user and purchased to tickets on stub hub Canada and was unable to pick my seats. and wondered if there assigned to you or did i miss something

Blake Shelton

For Blake Shelton in Detroit on Fri Feb 23 and Tacoma on Fri March 15, please take a look at the Floor Sections. There are 2-3 floor sections in which are harder to select from because they are white (not purple). It appears there are no seats for th...

Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 10.22.40 AM.png

totally wrong map for Hozier in Billings MT on Aug 27th

I understand this event is a ways out however I have tickets in section 16 which should be the best lower seats available and for some reason StubHub map shows them behind the stage making it impossible for me to sell the tickets. attached is link to...

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Add an event

Hi Here We Are at the Shed in NYC has been extended thru Jan21st. I have requested 3-4 times over the last month that the Sat Jan 13 @ 7pm show be added with no luck. Can you add the event and the rest of the run? Here is a link to the event https://...

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Community Log-In Changes May 1st
We are changing the way you register and sign-in to the StubHub Community. After the switch, you will enter the email address you use to access the community in order to reset your password. You will enter your community username and new password and done!

Read about the changes here
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