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Incorrect Event Info

Are you aware of recent changes to an event? Do you see a discrepancy in the event details we have on-site versus the primary? Let us know about it by commenting below! To help us address and review the issue as quickly as possible, please make sure ...

Map Errors on Site

If you notice a map is incorrect on our site, please post on this board and include the: - Event Name - Event Date - Link to the event on our site - A link to a correct map (if you have one) We will report all issues to our Mapping team but due to th...

Wrong Venue listed for event

You have the Fiddler on the Roof in Columbus from December 14 to December 19 at the Ohio Theatre it is at the Palace Theatre. I have attached a link to the primary....


Has anyone received help with the Canada/USA border restrictions? I have Rolling Stones tickets and cannot cross the land border. These tickets were purchased in January 2020 before we even knew about the pandemic.

Foo Fighters Sacramento - Seat or General Admission?

Is there actual customer service at Stubhub? (other than 48 hours before the show). It's great if someone in the community can help, but it seems strange that StubHub expects users to answer my question - but great if someone does. I bought three tic...

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Club Seats

The main reason I use stubhub to purchase my tickets is because I like to find club seats with special access. For example I really wanted to go into the royal rooters club at Fenway Park. I was able to find seats that had access to this club. When I...

Picture of vaccination card count as proof of vaccination?

Does anyone know if a picture of your vaccination card on your phone will be accepted as proof of vaccination at events that require it? Asking specifically for Fenway Park Concert on the Field Seating, but curious if a photo has worked for anyone or...

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Wrong Date on Rescheduled Ticket

My Bill Burr tickets have the date Saturday, March 21st on them. The event was rescheduled for July 2nd, but that date is not on the tickets I got from stubhub. Instead, it still has the original date March 21st. Should I be worried?

Little Ceasars Arena parking location?

Hi all! We purchased tickets for a Red Wings game March 31 and tickets came with a parking pass. I understand there are several parking lots for Little Ceasars - how do I know which lot the pass is valid for? Ticket says Section 145 and it does have ...

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Community Log-In Changes May 1st
We are changing the way you register and sign-in to the StubHub Community. After the switch, you will enter the email address you use to access the community in order to reset your password. You will enter your community username and new password and done!

Read about the changes here
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