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NEW Map Errors on Site

Uploading assets requires you to be signed into your Google account to submit



The Maps Request Form is your direct access to the Maps Team!

So we can resolve your request as efficiently as possible, please review some frequently asked questions

below to ensure we get the most complete and helpful information.


What can I submit?

  • Map Design Errors
  • Incorrect text labels on the map itself
  • Listing(s) not mapping or mapping to wrong section
  • No map on site
  • Wrong map on site

What should I NOT submit?

  • Best Value / Best Seat Errors (Coming Soon)
  • Wrong Event Name, Venue, Date, Time
  • Missing Events on site
  • Requests regarding Seller Comments

Why do I need the full Event URL?

The Full URL contains important Event data that gets automatically parsed into our workflow. This means less work for you when submitting requests!

Good URL example:

Bad URL example:

Will I get a follow up?

If you indicate that you require a follow up on the form, we will confirm when your issue is resolved.

If you do not require follow up, but more information is required to process your request, we will reach out via the email address provided in the form.

How are my Requests prioritized?

Requests are algorithmically prioritized by inventory levels, historical sales data and proximity to the Event Date.

How do I escalate an issue?

In most cases, your request should be handled within 2-6 business days. If, after that time, your issue is still unresolved, please contact our Customer Experience Team for escalation.