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How to Add Favorites to the StubHub App

Adding favorite events and artists in the StubHub app is easy, follow along with these steps to add your own favorites! 1. Download the StubHub app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. 2. Search for an artist, team, event, or venue and tap the heart...

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How do I update my default address?

Login to your profile page Tap Settings Tap Contact To update your Primary Address > Tap on the pencil icon next to the Primary Contact Update your name, address, and/or phone number, and tap Save PS. To update you...

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Account address error

HiI am trying to sell some tickets and the site says there is a problem with my credit card info every time I am on the final buy button... I am sure it has something to do with the adress because the credit card data is correct... Could you please h...

Address error

I am trying to add my address for credit card to sell tickets, and it keeps saying “City, state and zip code do not match”. I have a Canadian address. Help?

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Error Adding a Direct Deposit Account

I recently sold tickets on stub hub and I am trying to enter a bank account for direct deposit. Everytime I do it I get an error "Oh No, Something went wrong try again later." Paypal is not an option. I have tried different browsers, on my phone, and...

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Social Security # Request

Why I am being asked to provide my social security #? I had a handful of transactions in 2021, certainly no where near the 200 that Stubhub states is the threshold for reporting to the IRS. This appears to be a big overreach by Stubhub? Thank you.

1099 and SSN

I just got this email. They now want me to PAY MORE INCOME TAXES on my ALREADY TAXED INCOME which I used to buy my tickerts,. IRS FORM 1099 will require me to report my ticket sales AS INCOME. I ALREADY paid all Local, State and Federal taxes on the ...

1099 email

Is this email legit? I read that only two states have the $600 threshold - all others are $5,000 in gross sales. Lastly, when going into settings I could not find where I would add/update my tax information.

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1099 when selling tickets for a friend

I got an email requesting that I enter my SSN for a 1099. I am in GA. I sold tickets for a friend who is in the hopsital (resides in NC). He profited just over $600. All tickets were sold and used in 2021. I received the money from Stub Hub and then ...

Question on Sales Completed "math"

I was looking at my completed sales. I sell 2 seats include the parking pass. So I may sell the 2 seats for $200, fees of $30, and I receive $170.....when I check my sales history and click on the "i" will show 3 tickets sold for $300, fees of ...