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Locating Guest Account Tickets with Access Code

To start this process, please be sure that you are NOT logged into a regular account. If you are, log out first. Afterwards, click on the link that says "My Tickets" or the button on the bottom of the app: After that, a pop-up will be displayed. DO N...

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Buying Tickets - FAQ

StubHub is a ticket marketplace where fans can come to buy and sell tickets from one another. Being that we are a marketplace, StubHub does not own or list tickets found our site. Have questions before you buy? Keep reading for some frequently asked ...

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What happens if events are postponed or rescheduled?

We know these are frustrating experiences which is why we make sure to keep our fans informed through emails if there has been any change in the status of their event. Once confirmed, any info we have on the rescheduled date will be included in the e...

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Tickets didnt work/ tickets were fake

I went all the way to my venue with my printed tickets, and when I got there I wasnt allowed to enter. They told me my tickets had alredy entered. I then approached the ticket stand of the venue so that they could check it and they CONFIRMED that my ...

yankee tickets

planning a trip to new york in april from utah. how do i purchase tickets now and make sure i have them and they are legit before i make the rest of our plans? do they still send paper tickets through the mail?

What is the solution

I bought a ticket for a match, but it did not arrive on the e-mail, and I do not find a way to contact technical support. What should I do? I do not have time because my travel date is tomorrow.

120% Credit... is it one time only?

Hello Stubhub. I received a credit for $350 for 120% refund for cancelled game. If i were to use partial amount, do i get to keep the balance? For example, if i purchased tickets for $200, do i get to use the remaining $150 for another event? Or is t...

The ticket was sent to the wrong email

On Saturday I received the ticket I bought. However, they sent it to the wrong email so I was not able to associate it to my Hayya. I rejected the ticket and sent the correct email address where I need to receive the ticket, but haven’t heard back fr...

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