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Buying Tickets - FAQ

StubHub is a ticket marketplace where fans can come to buy and sell tickets from one another. Being that we are a marketplace, StubHub does not own or list tickets found our site. Have questions before you buy? Keep reading for some frequently asked ...

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Ticket & Delivery Concerns - FAQ

Tickets Q: How do I know my tickets are real? A: No need to worry about your tickets! StubHub has reviews in place that cover all accounts, purchases, sales, and listings. The reviews help make sure issues with your tickets are rare. Q: The name is d...

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How do I get my mobile transfer tickets?

To view your mobile transfer tickets, you'll need to accept a ticket transfer to view them on your mobile device. 1. When they're ready, we'll send you an email letting you know to either: Check your email for a transfer offer from Ticketmaster or th...

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What happens if events are postponed or rescheduled?

We know these are frustrating experiences which is why we make sure to keep our fans informed through emails if there has been any change in the status of their event. Once confirmed, any info we have on the rescheduled date will be included in the e...

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Ticketmaster screenshot

I bought tickets to an event and the tickets are just screenshots of ticket master tickets with a QR code. I don’t know how true it is but I read ticket master tickets don’t work if they are screenshots. So are my tickets actually legit ? Has anyone ...

Tickets Sold, Not Claimed by recipient

I sold my ticket but they still have not claimed it and the game is tomorrow should i be concerned. I hope I sent it to the right email I did get a confirmation email so I must have right? The MUST use the venue application for entry.

Flash Seats

I just recently purchased tickets off of stub hub about a week ago. I was emailed instructions to set up an account with Flash Seats so that I could receive my tickets. I have tried to set up an account for three days and keep getting an error messag...

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Major Event Tickets

Has anyone bought tickets to an event like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA finals, and picked them up at a remote site near where the event is being held? Is the process easy? Are the tickets you picked up similar to what you'd print out on your co...

waste management tickets

I purchased tickets from stubhub on Thursday for WM also purchased for Sunday, however tickets came from They do not look the same as Thursdays tickets. Ones from festival ticketing have a QR. Should I be concerned.

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First time to use StubHub. Got an email that my tickets are ready. When I logged onto the app and pushed my orders it says "Accept your tickets using ______ (my email) on the site where the seller made the purchase." How in the world do I know that?!...

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Hello,I've been waiting for my tickets for 7 months now. The delivery date was on june 9th 2020... the status has not changed... where are my tickets? I want to sell my tickets but I can't sell them if I don't have 'emThanks

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Pearl Jam Europe Ticket Delivery

I will be traveling in Europe ahead of two shows that I have purchased tickets that require physical delivery. What is the best way to get them to me? I live in the US but will not be home the days of the shows given thay are in Austria and Poland. I...