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How to Add Favorites to the StubHub App

Adding favorite events and artists in the StubHub app is easy, follow along with these steps to add your own favorites! 1. Download the StubHub app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. 2. Search for an artist, team, event, or venue and tap the heart...

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How do I update my default address?

Login to your profile page Tap Settings Tap Contact To update your Primary Address > Tap on the pencil icon next to the Primary Contact Update your name, address, and/or phone number, and tap Save PS. To update you...

by Community Manager Community Manager
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TIN Entry

Is anyone having problems besides me getting the system to store the TIN that I am currently entering every single time I list a ticket for sale? I've entered it five times in the last two days. I hit enter. The response returned is "saved". The next...

TIN number not entering

I’ve tried to input my “TIN” number multiple times, but after saving it disappears. I’m unable to collect the funds from my sale.Anyone have any advice? Saw a previous post about it but there’s no update for over a month.Any insight appreciated

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Account locked after buying tickets

I've just been locked out of my account and my ticket cancelled after buying it. I'd ordered two tickets just before that and can't access those either. I'm in the UK and don't want to make an international call to sort it out. Does anyone know a way...

Impossible to update account information

Dear Stubhub community, I sold a ticket via stubhub for a concert in the US that I could not attend. I am living in Europe.Everyday I am getting an email that says: Congratulations on selling your tickets!Before we can send your money, we need your b...

I cannot enter the correct zipcode in my profile

Hi! I can't enter the correct Canadian Postal Code in my account, it keeps telling me the postal code does not match the address, which is not true.So now the postal codes on my credit card and my paypal account don't match up and I can't receive pay...

Money was sent to a wrong Pay Pal account

I just sold a ticket and got notified that money was sent to a pay pal account which is a wrong email. I put the right email for my paypal in the profile. I don't know why it was sent to a different email. The phone is useless and no one answers. Doe...

Billing address error

Hello, I'm trying to add the billing address to purchase tickets, but keep getting “City, state and zip code do not match” error message. Can you please help? I have Canadian address. Thanks in advance

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Can’t login my account

I have tried to login my account using the correct email and password but it keeps on saying ‘The email address and password combination you entered is invalid. Please try again.’ I don’t know what is the problem, could you please hep?

Account Delertion

I want to delete my accountASAPWant someone from stubhub to contact me asap and delete this accountapp is sketchy, the fact that there is no way to delete the account is even more skletchyI want out noe

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Community Log-In Changes May 1st
We are changing the way you register and sign-in to the StubHub Community. After the switch, you will enter the email address you use to access the community in order to reset your password. You will enter your community username and new password and done!

Read about the changes here
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