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How to Add Favorites to the StubHub App

Adding favorite events and artists in the StubHub app is easy, follow along with these steps to add your own favorites! 1. Download the StubHub app from iTunes or the Google Play Store. 2. Search for an artist, team, event, or venue and tap the heart...

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How do I update my default address?

Login to your profile page Tap Settings Tap Contact To update your Primary Address > Tap on the pencil icon next to the Primary Contact Update your name, address, and/or phone number, and tap Save PS. To update you...

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Cancelled event

The event I had bought tickets for was cancelled. I was on the phone with a customer service rep and I was told I had a 120% credit to my account. I cannot find anywhere that this is located. Can someone help me out. I am not on the app, I was alread...

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My event was bavl on 9/26 and they have my direct deposit yet it keeps saying I need to do something. I look and it says processsing. Why is it taking so long and their is no way to call them to let me know why I don't have my money yet.

Stubhub app, problem logging you in

Hey!I bought 2 tickets to the bluejays game next week, and I can view them on my computer.. logged into my stubhub account. But I cannot log in to the app.. even though my password and email are the same as my pc login. It just says " there was a pro...

can't access tickets

I purchased a ticket and did not realize until the morning after that I put my email wrong, I already updated it with the right email, but my confirmation email and my accept tickets button was sent to the email that does not exist. How do i get acce...

Access Code

My concert got canceled and I want a refund and when I try to get the refund its asking me for an access code which I have not gotten in any of my emails from you. And its not letting me get a my refund without having the acess code.

direct deposit

Trying to set up direct deposit. For routing #'s Stub Hub allows for 9 digits, fine. For account # they ask for 10 digits. My account # is 13 digits. Any thoughts?

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Stubhub wallet

My event was canceled so i went to my stubhub wallet and requested a cash refund. Something happened right then where my browser reloaded and now my stubhub wallet is empty with no evidence of my canceled event or refund. I got no email or confirmati...