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Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Can't make it to your event anymore? List them on StubHub! It's fast and easy to do! Click here to get started! By listing and selling your tickets on StubHub, you do agree to our policies outlined in our User Agreement and Seller Policies. We know y...

Getting Paid for Selling Tickets!

*This post pertains to tickets sold for events in the US and Canada* When you sell tickets on StubHub, payments are processed 5-8 business days after the event takes place. How does StubHub pay me? Payments are processed through either PayPal or Dire...

Listed tickets not displaying in my account

Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this and can suggest a solution. I listed some tickets from my Chicago Cubs season ticket account for sale, but they aren't showing as a listing in my account. However, when I try to re-enter th...

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Selling tickets you don’t have yet.

I purchased tickets dec of 2019 and of course it’s been canceled 5 times due to covid. Finally decided to sell them cause now I’mMoving and won’t be here! Someone bought them and now I’ve been on hold now for almost 2 hours with customer service beca...

Two listings created for 1 ticket

Please help!!! I had submitted one ticket for sale on my account, never saw the active listing, refreshed page multiple times, asked my wife to look to see if she saw the ticket for sale on her end (not logged in), she didn’t see it either, so once I...

UPS delivery exception

HI. I sold tickets worth over $1000. UPS shows a delivery exception and they have been sent back to Stubhub in Draper, UT. The event is 9 days away. What is the process moving forward ? Do I need to do anything ?Thank you.

selling tickets

Can fake people buy your tickets? I just had someone buy mine but the email does NOT seem real…. ? I just want to make sure i get my money

Ticketmaster - No transfer button

I ordered two tickets, while my sister did the same. I’m now trying to sell these two tickets but Ticketmaster’s button for transfer and selling the tickets are blacked out. They are mobile tickets. Please help?