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Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Can't make it to your event anymore? List them on StubHub! It's fast and easy to do! Click here to get started! By listing and selling your tickets on StubHub, you do agree to our policies outlined in our User Agreement and Seller Policies. We know y...

Getting Paid for Selling Tickets!

*This post pertains to tickets sold for events in the US and Canada* When you sell tickets on StubHub, payments are processed 5-8 business days after the event takes place. How does StubHub pay me? Payments are processed through either PayPal or Dire...

Stadium Tour Postponed - Reselling Tiks question

I have tickets for the 2020 St. Louis Motley Crue/Def Leppard concert. Reselling them brings up a couple questions. 1) I only need to LIST my tickets by Sept 1 to take advantage of no fees-policy; the tickets don't need to SELL by Sept 1, correct? 2)...

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Option to Resell Coachella Tickets if We Can't Attend

We just received your email stating that if we cannot attend Coachella's new dates in April 2021, we have the option to resell. While I believe the right thing to do is for Stubhub to give us buyers an option to indicate we'd like a refund so that se...


I sold my Coachella tickets through here... still no tix in hand to ship out. It has now been cancelled to next year but I’m still in contract here to sell tickets to said buyer.When do I have option to not sell, as I assume this person no longer wan...

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Coachella Seller Refund

I sold my Coachella tickets through here and the event officially canceled for 2020.I got an email from LYTE that I can request refund but I selling activity is still opened.Is it ok to request refund from Coachella?

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Corona Problems

I bought tickets to an event that I want to sell. I haven’t received the pdf of the tickets. Am I still allowed go sell them?

Question regarding canceled shows

So when a show is canceled, when does the seller of the tickets get charged? Most 1st hand sellers (TM/AXS) are refunding at the latest 30 business days. Is Stubhub giving the sellers of canceled orders the same timeframe so they can brace for the ch...

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Sold tickets

I sold tickets and then the concert was rescheduled till September question is when will I get payment for tickets sold?