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Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Can't make it to your event anymore? List them on StubHub! It's fast and easy to do! Click here to get started! By listing and selling your tickets on StubHub, you do agree to our policies outlined in our User Agreement and Seller Policies. We know y...

Getting Paid for Selling Tickets!

*This post pertains to tickets sold for events in the US and Canada* When you sell tickets on StubHub, payments are processed 5-8 business days after the event takes place. How does StubHub pay me? Payments are processed through either PayPal or Dire...

Having trouble entering barcodes for World Series Games

I've sold tickets to multiple games of the World Series. I entered my Game 2 barcodes as soon as I got them in my Ballpark app (where the tickets are issued) two days prior to the game and had no issue. However, I keep having trouble trying to enter ...

Barcode on World Series Parking Passes

I have sold a parking pass for the World Series and now have the barcode. When I enter the barcode into the field, it is also asking for a seat number. I have tried several combinations of numbers, but nothing seems to work. You have to have somethin...

Error canceling listing.

I am trying to cancel my listing, as I no longer wish to sell the tickets, and it is not letting me cancel it. I have refreshed the page, and nothing is changing. I do not want to leave the tickets up for sale, but I cannot fix this. Anyone have this...

Reselling mobile Tickets that I bought in StubHub

I bought tickets to game 5 this Sunday of world series on StubHub and it says there mobile tickets, I haven't received them yet, says they will be available on Saturday, if someone buys them, do I have to do do anything else myself? Or will they get ...

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Uploading mobile parking pass

My parking pass has sold. It will not take my upload. It is a png file and it keeps saying it cann't read my pdf file. Am I doing something wrong?

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World Series Ticket Forward Pending

Sold my tickets. Went to the Ballpark app and it shows the 4 tickets but no barcodes. States "Ticket Forward Pending" "Forward pending via link". Does this mean that the barcodes are being forwarded automatically and nothing for me to do? Or should I...

How long does it take to get your money

I sold concert tickets on Tuesday. It says it can take up to 5 business days for the money to go into my account. I have my paypal set up for payment. As of today 10-5-2018 is said the money was paid. It is not yet in my PayPal account. Does the mone...

World Series

Hi all, looking to buy two tickets for the World Series this weekened, but notice everything is sold in groups of 4. Anyway I could keep the two tickets we want then resell the two remaining tickets? Any insight is greatly appreciated! Thanks.