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Selling and Sold Tickets - FAQ

Can't make it to your event anymore? List them on StubHub! It's fast and easy to do! Click here to get started! By listing and selling your tickets on StubHub, you do agree to our policies outlined in our User Agreement and Seller Policies. We know y...

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Getting Paid for Selling Tickets!

When you sell tickets on StubHub, payments are processed 5-8 business days after the event takes place. How does StubHub pay me? The way we pay you for ticket sales depends on where you live and where the event is. See your StubHub account's payment ...

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Tickets with VIP Packages

I have tickets to sell but they are part of a VIP package that includes merchandise and early admission to the show. I'm not sure how to list this or transfer the perks to the purchaser. Trying to get an answer from Ticketmaster but they don't respon...

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Funds not received

I sold 6 tickets to an event on 10/8, my account shows that the tickets were sold but i have not received the funds on Paypal. Whats the deal?

Unable to print shipping label

Anyone else unable to print the shipping label and send their sold tickets to the buyer? I receive a "Failed to load shipping label" errore message. I have tried mutiple computers and browsers. Event is Sunday so I need to ship ASAP. Any advice is ap...

12am UTC time?

Hi - first time selling tickets as mobile transfers and not uploaded PDFs. I sold my tickets and in the email Stubhub said "Make sure you can transfer them by Sat 10/23/2021, 12:00 am UTC" However Ticketmaster is not releasing the tickets to me until...

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reducing ticket price

If an event starts at 7:00 - how late can you reduce your ticket price? do they have a cutoff time?im looking to buy tickets for an event, but they are so inflated we want to wait until the last possible second before purchase

listing tickets

If I choose Manage my tickets for me, is the price automatically changed to the recommended price?

Need help adding credit card to sell tickets

Ive tried both credit cards that I have and stub hub wont accept either for some reason - ive tried calling support and it always says rheyre closed? I am trying to add the credit card to sell the tickets but it keeps coming up as an error - really n...

Listing missing

I listed tickets directly from the Purdue site. I have received confirnation numbers, and can see them in my listings, but they do not show up in stubhub. i have trying to get in touch with customer service, but the answering machine notes that the o...

Credit Card Not Being Accepted

I used StubHub a while back to sell tickets. My old credit card expired, and the new one they sent me has the exact same number but an updated expiry date. But now, my StubHub account won't let me add the new card, and it won't recognize the old one ...