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Buying Tickets - FAQ

StubHub is a ticket marketplace where fans can come to buy and sell tickets from one another. Being that we are a marketplace, StubHub does not own or list tickets found our site. Have questions before you buy? Keep reading for some frequently asked ...

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StubHub's FanProtect Guarantee

Did you just buy tickets for BTS's upcoming US Tour and have concerns? Are you waiting for your tickets to the big game? Don't worry! StubHub's FanProtect Guarantee is here and ready to help if there are issues with your purchase. Though problems are...

Ticket & Delivery Concerns - FAQ

Tickets Q: How do I know my tickets are real? A: No need to worry about your tickets! StubHub has reviews in place that cover all accounts, purchases, sales, and listings. The reviews help make sure issues with your tickets are rare. Q: The name is d...

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How do I get my mobile transfer tickets?

To view your mobile transfer tickets, you'll need to accept a ticket transfer to view them on your mobile device. 1. When they're ready, we'll send you an email letting you know to either: Check your email for a transfer offer from Ticketmaster or th...

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Mobile tickets for a concert

I have tickets for the Michael Bublé concert in New Orleans that I bought off stubhub. They Are in a screenshot format bc I bought them before the update that doesn’t allow screenshot tickets anymore. When they were uploaded to me, someone from stub ...


I live in Italy and every year I go overseas to attend baseball games. This year I noticed that for some teams is mandatory to have the mobile ticket that only can be obtained via APP. The APP is not available in the APP STORE here in Italy, how is i...

Lady Gaga - Vegas Jazz show 10/20

Hello, I purchased tickets to the Lady Gaga Jazz show in Vegas almost 2 months ago, and am confused as to what "Electronic" delivery means. It's quite vague. All the other tickets currently listed for this event are more specific i.e. mobile ticket, ...

Tickets not ready on time

Bought Arctic Monkeys tickets yesterday (10/21) for the 23rd. Tickets were supposed to be ready today (10/22) but i have not recieved them yet. Concerned that they wont be ready in time? Why would i be able to buy tickets that wont be ready for the s...

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Mobile Ticket

Hello, I recently purchased a ticket for a slipknot concert, but it was a Mobile ticket and it's a pdf file, should I print it out or will it be scanned on the phone the day of the concert?

Can't find tickets in email

I had to change my account email because I couldn't access the email I signed up with. I bought tickets for Nickelback tomorrow July 17. When I tracked my order it said my tickets were sent to my new email. However I cannot find the email. How can I ...